CREDITS: James B. Evans /vocals, violin, guitar/, Mike Čerevka /drums/, Michal Konečný /bass/, Rastislav Platko /percussion/, Jozef Šarišský /keyboards/, Michal Seman /guitar/ Special guest: Eric ‚Quinto‘ Reyes/rap on 3/, Mark Bruner /trumpet on 2,3,8/
MUSIC/LYRICS: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10 James Evans/James Evans ; 8 Bill Withers/Kirk Franklin
THANK YOU: My parents Frederick and Jennifer Evans for your support, my wonderfull wife Beáta and my children for your endless love, Timothy-sound for technical equipment , Keren Friedman for your encouragement, AC Košice for the venue. Special thanks to my Father in heaven. With Him everything can be made possible!
MIXED/MASTERING: Roman Šoltys – Klakson studio

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