James Evans, a Welsh composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, a proud father, and loving husband. He has lived in Central Europe  at the foothills of the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia since 2000.
For many years, he had been playing and touring with the Heaven’s Shore band across Europe. He continues to cooperate on various international and local music projects with musicians of different genres and nationalities. In 2016, together with musicians from different parts of Slovakia, he launched a new project called James Evans Band. In mid-2017, he released a new CD titled Journey Home(live session) with the band.

James’s work is  influenced by the place where  he grew up. His violin and instrumental songs are a fusion of Scottish/Irish music ( which gained its fame  thanks to such music like Lord of the Dance and The Corrs) with  jazz elements,  as he likes to call Jig Jazz.  The joyful atmosphere of these songs will lift you from the your seats.
James can also be seen on the Gospel scene and Christian mission trips. As he himself says „God changed my life“, Gospel has become a natural part of his work.